Shooting Luna


The Moon is a beautiful sight int he sky, but for some folks, a challenge to shoot.  A few tools you will need are:

A tripod, this is so you can take your time to line up the shot and set the focus.  It is a total necessity with longer telephoto lenses.

A cable release, so you don’t have to risk disturbing the camera (for HDR or multi-frame noise reduction on Sony cameras).  The Sony Wireless remote wont work for these modes, so I got a cheapo wired release to use for these shots.

A long telephoto lens (at least 300mm to have a decent size.  I’m hoping to get an inexpensive telescope with a t-mount or an older Minolta mount super telephoto.  I experimented with shooting macro through a low budget telescope barlow, but the chromatic fringing was cringe worthy.  It is nice to keep all the pixels though, so that is a bonus.

luna through telescope small

I find it easier to get a good shot of Luna when the moon is in transition, so If you want to get a good view of the craters, plan accordingly.

The easy part of getting a good moonshot is that it is a very fast shutter time. Within a stop of around f/5.6 1/1600 is a good low point to bracket from.  So, a faster shutter speed.  you can also follow the Sunny 16 Rule.  You will get a nice dark background, that you can use to build some really fantastic images.

Happy shooting!

Thoughts or Comments?

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