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You can see my day to day photography on Instagram and Facebook, shot with my mobile device.  I shoot with a MotoX smartphone as my pocket camera, but with a twist.  I worked with a company called Optrix, who created the greatest underwater camera case for iPhone 5S.  It is rated to 33ft underwater and 33ft of drop protection for the device (no guarantee on the lenses).  We were so successful, that the folks at BodyGlove took notice and bought us out.  While I was there, I MacGuyvered myself a lens adapter that uses the Optrix and now Exolens.   Now I can shoot super wide photos that have some very dramatic effects, as well as shoot optically closer for more dramatic portraits with my phone.

Now I work for a sign shop and have opened up fantastic opportunities for my artistic expression, as well as the opportunity to use some really fantastic machines.  BEST OF 2014 copy

Thoughts or Comments?

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